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Best Solar Smartwatch [How to Choose the Perfect Watch?]

Tim Carter
Written by Tim Carter Last Updated: August 13, 2022

Solar watches are an excellent choice for individuals searching for an environmentally friendly and long-lasting watch. Solar-powered timepieces were a revolutionary and unexpected invention in the 1970s. They became more inexpensive as sales increased in the 1980s. As a result, while they aren’t particularly innovative technology, many people ask if buying them is worthwhile. Are solar watches good? Are they reliable? Which is the best solar smartwatch on the market?

Solar watches are excellent and reliable. They come in different colors and sizes, and with different functions. However, you must decide which solar smartwatch is the best for you.

Nonetheless, we will introduce you to several of the best watches on the market, according to user reviews and their characteristics.

But first, let’s learn a few important things about solar watches.

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How Long Does a Battery in a Solar Watch Last?

The average solar watch lasts 5 years without interruption if properly maintained, although this is only true with appropriate care and maintenance.

Many solar watches, on the other hand, endure longer than that, which is determined by the brand and model of the watch.

Some of the more costly and high-end solar timepieces can last up to ten years or more under proper storage conditions.

Keep your solar watch in a well-lit place while also avoiding exposing it to excessive sunshine for optimum longevity.

Yours will certainly work great for a long period if cared for appropriately.

Can You Change the Battery in a Solar Watch?

Solar watches use a tiny solar panel to charge their internal lithium batteries.

You can replace the battery in your solar watch, but only if it doesn’t have a sealed battery.

As a result, the procedure for changing the battery in your watch may differ depending on the type of battery and the timepiece.

Some watches have sealed batteries that cannot be replaced, while others have replaceable batteries.

If you’re not sure how to change the battery in your timepiece, contact the manufacturer or a watch repair professional.

Do Solar Watch Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

No, solar watch batteries don’t need to be replaced.

Solar watch batteries are rechargeable and will last for the life of the watch.

How Long Does a Solar-powered Watch Battery Last?

A solar-powered watch battery can last anywhere from two to ten years, depending on the brand, model, and usage.

A Seiko Solar Powered Watch Battery, for example, may work perfectly for up to 10 years while a Citizen Eco-Drive Solar Powered Watch Battery might only last you for two years.

It all boils down to how often you use your watch and how much sunshine it receives.

The battery will last a lot longer if you wear your watch every day and expose it to direct sunshine.

However, if you just use your watch once in a while, the battery life will be reduced dramatically.

Be cautious because you can’t reset your timepiece after the battery has died.

Are Solar Watches Better than Watches that Run on Batteries?

Solar timepieces are more accurate than battery-powered timepieces since they don’t require batteries.

Solar timepieces maintain unrivaled precision because they continuously charge their batteries.

Solar-powered watches regularly outperform other types of watches, such as atomic, quartz, mechanical, and automatic.

Quartz Watches

The quartz watch is a 20th-century invention that took advantage of advances in battery technology.

A tiny internal lithium battery powers quartz watches, which must be replaced because they cannot be recharged.

You will need to replace the battery in your quartz watch many times during its life.

Atomic Watches

Atomic clocks are used to keep time on an atomic watch.

As a result, the watch can correctly identify and adjust itself to the real, atomic time. As a result, atomic watches are the most accurate timepieces available on the market.

Solar Watches

Solar watches are mechanical and accurate timepieces that are also energy efficient and ecologically beneficial.

Of course, all technologies that rely on the power of the sun are environmentally friendly, even if they require batteries.

Are Solar Powered Smartwatches Any Good?

Yes, solar-powered smartwatches can be charged using solar power and will not require you to carry a power bank or worry about the watch’s battery while you are out hiking, running, or working.

How Long Does Solar Smartwatch Battery Last?

Depending on the smartwatch you pick, it can last anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. For example, Casio ProTrek may endure for months while the Garmin Instinct Solar lasts only a week.

How To Select The Best Solar Smartwatch?

Choose your watch from a reputable brand like Garmin, G-Shock, or Casio.

There are several watchmakers that offer low-quality smartwatches with solar charging.

You might even get a watch that only claims to have solar charging but it doesn’t really work.

Not all solar smartwatches are the same.

Some watches are made for athletes and fitness freaks, while others are for casual users.

Go for a watch that has features that suit you the most.

Solar charging is a wonderful thing to have, but make sure the watch can also be charged by any other means, so you won’t have to only rely on the sun’s rays.

Furthermore, it is critical that the timepiece has enough battery power remaining after being fully charged.

Which Solar Smartwatches Are the Best?

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which solar smartwatches are the best because everyone has a preference and different needs.

While some people want to have a smartwatch to track their fitness, others wish to stay updated with all the notifications coming from their phones.

Nonetheless, here’s a list of the most popular smartwatches you can find on Amazon. And, yes, if you decide to purchase one using our link, we may get a small commission. Thank you for your support!

Check them out!

Last update on 2024-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

However, before purchasing a watch, pay attention to user reviews, as they can help you decide.

Final Thoughts

Solar smartwatches come in different styles and colors, and with many different functions.

Some are perfect for tracking health and fitness, and counting calories, while other solar smartwatches are perfect for calls, notifications, music, etc.

Which one is perfect for you depends solely on your needs and preferences.


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