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Best Solar Shower [Do Solar Showers Work & Should You Get It?]

Tim Carter
Written by Tim Carter Last Updated: August 12, 2022

Some people prefer to disconnect from technology to reconnect with nature. Some families go camping to bond and strengthen their relationships away from the distractions at home. Many youth groups teach youngsters how to start a fire, pitch a tent, and use a compass. Camping with friends and family is always an unforgettable experience. Therefore, when camping, you have time to connect with nature, see animals, and watch the stars away from the city’s bright lights. It’s a wonderful experience for most people. But for many others, it’s not that great, unless they have the best solar shower in their backpack.

Portable showers are a simple and quick way to wash up, whether you’re looking for something to clean up while camping or keep your hygiene in check on a backpacking excursion.

Portable showers have user-friendly designs, are simple to assemble, and come in different water capacities. They should be small and simple. What’s best is that you can heat the water using both electric and solar energy.

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How To Shower While Camping?

Bring extra water and a bar of mild biodegradable soap to wash if you don’t like the idea of just rinsing off in fresh water. If that’s not your thing, or there isn’t any water, bring extra water and a biodegradable cleanser. Strip down at least 200 feet away from your campsite and any potential sources of water.

One of the most important things to consider when camping is hygiene.

After all, you’ll be spending time in nature, and that means you’ll need to take extra care to stay clean.

How To Maintain Your Hygiene While Camping?

Here are some tips on how to maintain your hygiene while camping:

  • Shower regularly. If possible, take a shower at least once a day. If not, wash your face, hands, and feet with soap and water.
  • Use biodegradable soap. When showering or washing your hands and feet, use biodegradable soap so you don’t damage the environment.
  • Stay clean. Wipe down your camping equipment and sleeping area regularly to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Solar Shower?

A solar shower is a great way to stay clean when you’re camping or hiking. Here are some benefits of using a solar shower:

  1. Solar showers use the sun’s energy to heat water, so they’re very eco-friendly.
  2. They’re also very easy to set up and use. All you need is a water container, a solar panel, and a place to hang the shower bag.
  3. You can use solar showers anywhere when there’s sunlight, so you can take them with you on your travels.
  4. They’re great for hygiene; solar showers can help you avoid skin infections and other hygiene-related problems.
  5. Solar showers are also very affordable. You can find them online or in most camping stores.

So, if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to stay clean while camping or hiking, a solar shower is a great option!

How Do Solar Showers Work?

To assemble a solar shower, you’ll need only two components: a container that contains water and a shower head.

You may install a vehicle-mounted shower system. A water pump pumps water through a heat exchanger connected to your car’s engine and out via the connecting water hose in a nearby body of water.

However, portable units usually include little more than a plastic bag with a tube.

You fill the bag with water, hang it in the sun, and shower when the water becomes heated.

In stationary showers, a storage tank or a solar water-heating panel can be used.

A plastic shower stand that is connected to a garden hose is another option.

The storage container is placed at the bottom of the device, and as the water heats, pressure from the hose drives it through the shower head.

What is the Capacity of a Portable Solar Shower?

The amount of water a solar shower holds is one factor that determines its usefulness.

According to the Georgia Water Science Center, a standard shower consumes about 2 1/2 gallons of water every minute, so a 5-gallon bag will last you approximately 2 minutes if you let the water run constantly.

A solar shower with a built-in pump can hold up to 10 to 15 gallons and should last for over 5 minutes.

If you get your water from a flat panel or a tank, you may likely take a complete 10-minute shower, but the next person will have to wait for the water to heat again.

Hang the bladder and hose higher above your head to get the most out of a solar camp shower.

How To Drain a Portable Solar Shower?

To begin, attach the shower head faucet cup to the sink faucet.

Fasten the waste water drain pipe into the sink and use a suction cup to secure it.

To eliminate wastewater while bathing, set the temperature of the water in the sink and turn on the pump.

How To Choose the Best Solar Shower?

The variety of colors, forms, and purposes for solar showers is mind-boggling.

Keep in mind the features that are most essential to you and pick based on your demands.

If a device is too difficult to use, it will go unused.

You’re not looking for anything new; you’re simply searching for a way to have a shower after a day at the beach or on vacation.

The last thing you want to think about after spending the day camping or at the beach is how this equipment works.

Therefore, your solar shower has to be simple to set up, fill, use, and manage.

You’re looking for a lightweight, portable shower you can carry around.

Most portable showers are lightweight and portable.

Some have a larger capacity, more features, and are heavier than basic camping showers.

Consider your requirements, the distances you’ll be traveling with the shower, and the capacity you’ll need.

Just then, consider the right balance between the weight of the shower and other features you are looking for.

When shopping for a portable shower, make sure it can provide enough water.

Some may suffice as a full-fledged shower, while others might just be used to freshen up quickly.

As New York Times states: “…paying over $40 nets features that occasional weekend campers don’t need but spending less than $20 isn’t a great idea either. It almost guarantees you’ll get equipment that smells like an old raincoat and feels like it’s made from the same flimsy stuff as a clown-shaped punching bag.”

Here are a few solar showers we recommend:

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Final Thoughts

Some people want hot water. Some individuals are less picky than others.

In the heat, everyone can endure cold water and use devices that don’t include warming functions.

However, if you want to go outside in the colder months or all year, a camping shower with the ability to warm water is a delightful addition.

Consider all of your water heating choices and get a portable solar shower.


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