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Does Installing Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty & More

Tim Carter
Written by Tim Carter Last Updated: November 11, 2022

Solar panel technology has become increasingly popular. Investing in solar power allows you to reduce your dependence on petroleum-powered energy sources by generating green energy in your home. A new roof is not cheap, but homeowners must ensure that they don’t have any issues when installing solar panels. Let’s see, does installing solar panels void the roof warranty?

Solar panels rarely void a roof warranty. However, your roof might get damaged during the installation of solar panels, as your roof will get a few holes!

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Will Installing Solar Panels Void the Roof Warranty?

Installing solar panels on pitched roofs requires drilling through the roof.

Does that sound scary?

We recommend it first not to use solar panels on roofs that are less than 10 years old.

Ideally, solar panel installation is the perfect moment when you’re getting new roofs.

If possible, before installing solar panels on your roof, ask your solar provider to collaborate with your roof contractor.

If you get the two contractors to collaborate, it’s more likely that they will uphold your warranties and leave your roof in good condition.

To cover the portion of the roof they use, your solar panel company may additionally issue a warranty, otherwise known as a workmanship warranty.

This ensures that the solar panel warranty does not void the terms of your roof warranty.

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What Are the Two Types of Roof Warrants?

Although installation warranty periods vary in length, 10 years is the standard length of warranty.

Roof manufacturers provide a warranty regarding the materials they used, which can last anywhere between 25 to 30 years.

Sometimes, depending on the quality of the roof and the manufacturer, the roof material warranty lasts for 50 years!

However, the installer’s warranty covers failures because of faulty installation, while the manufacturer protects defects in roof products.

Read about roof warranties here.

What To Do Before Starting a Solar Panel Installation on a Roof?

The manufacturer’s warranty rarely covers roofing repairs if the repairs are needed because of human error.

So contact a solar installation contractor before starting the installation.

They can tell your roofer what your warranty covers and whether the installation of a solar system voids the warranty.

Then it is easy for the customer to understand the steps required to protect themselves from voiding the warranty.

Your roofer will generally need to know what is used to waterproof the rooftop after penetration.

Can a Poor Solar Installer Void Your Roof Warranty?

While house builders, including plumbers and electricians, are qualified professionals, they can still make a mistake.

They are human, after all.

Nonetheless, understanding that an error is possible is not the same as dealing with one.

Human errors cost time and money.

And, if your solar company doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your roof, your warranty could be void.

Lack of professionalism may occur in any business, including solar power.

The following are some typical ways that a solar provider could lead to the voiding of your roof warranty:

  • Workplace negligence that results in damage like damaged roofing membranes or cracked tiles
  • Inadequate racking solutions that may lack waterproofing components
  • A faulty installation, such as failing to use the proper waterproofing sealant, which can cause roof leaks
  • Placing faulty fasteners to attach footings to your roof

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By carefully selecting your contractor, you can make sure that you’ve chosen someone who has had many satisfied customers because,¬†although most contractors are honest and competent, others provide subpar services to make more money.

So, it makes sense to talk to several solar panel companies and check their credentials, or even talk to other homeowners who have had solar panels installed on their roofs.

Understanding the warranty that a solar provider offers is crucial before choosing them.

If roofing damage occurs during the installation of solar panels, the solar provider should cover it.

What to Ask Before Getting Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof?

Installing solar panels is both simple and complex. Just like any other job, it has its many cons and pros.

However, before your solar contractor starts working on your roof, he should answer any questions you may have.

And you should have questions!

For instance, you can directly ask them: How can I know that the roof of my home will be covered with no damage to the roof?

Ask for an affidavit for the warranty.

Also, tell them the age of your roof.

As we’ve already stated, it’s best to install solar panels on a young roof.

You might need to delay putting a solar system in place until you get some roofing materials.

If your roof is old and needs to be replaced, maybe you could consider solar shingles instead of solar panels.

What to Do After Solar Panel Installation? [Check With Your Roofer]

If your roof gets damaged, and you’re not able or willing to accept a roof replacement, consult with the roofer who installed the roof first.

If a third party does it, it will void your roof warranty. Roofers have important information.

If there is the mechanical fixing of feet in the roof, it’ll be important for them to understand how to waterproof a penetration.

Therefore, it’s best to consult the company that has installed your roof.

Perform an Annual Check of Your Roof

At least once every two years inspect the roof.

Look for water stains.

When a leak has happened to a roof, contact your installation company immediately and your installer warranties will cover it.

Final Thoughts

Although installing solar panels shouldn’t bring any damage to your roof, damage can still occur.

Does solar panel installation void your roof warranty?

There are two types of roof warranties. One is your roofing tiles manufacturer’s warranty that covers the materials or the quality of the roofing, and the other is the warranty of the roofing company.

The manufacturer’s warranty is much, much longer than that of a roofing company.

And although the installation of solar panels shouldn’t cause any damage to your roof, if it still happens, the solar company should cover it.

These are also the reasons why you should always talk to more than one solar power company, check their credentials, and base your choice depending on the reviews of other customers.

An experienced solar installation company won’t leave you uncovered.


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