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Can You Cut a Solar Pool Cover? [A Quick and Easy Guide]

Tim Carter
Written by Tim Carter Last Updated: November 14, 2022

Are you considering installing a solar pool cover? If so, you may wonder if you can cut it to size. In this post, we’ll look at whether it’s possible to cut a solar pool cover and how to do it.

Cutting a solar pool cover can save you money on replacement costs, but make sure you do it properly. Here’s how to cut your solar pool cover without damaging it.

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What Is a Solar Pool Cover?

Choosing a solar pool cover is an important decision to make when installing your pool. You want to choose a design that fits your pool, features that resist fading and are easy to maintain, and, most importantly, one that will provide you with years of trouble-free swimming.

A solar pool cover is a specially designed protective cover that protects your swimming pool from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Most pool manufacturers now produce solar covers that can be used with all types of pools.

Solar covers are usually made of durable plastic that is UV-resistant and crafted with a special feature that allows it to repel water while also retaining a measure of heat from the sun’s rays.

A solar pool cover is not only a smart investment that will protect your pool from UV rays and enhance the life of your pool water, but it’s also a smart investment that will keep your swimming pool costs low.

You can expect to pay between $500-$2,000 for a quality solar cover that will last you for years.

Do You Have to Cut a Solar Pool Cover?

Most solar covers are rectangular or oval, though they come in a variety of sizes.

You might need to cut your solar cover to fit your swimming pool properly if it has an irregular shape or size.

Fortunately, a solar cover may be easily customized to fit any swimming pool.

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Does the Solar Pool Cover Have to Cover the Whole Pool?

For the best results, it is advisable to purchase a solar pool cover that completely encloses your pool.

Even if the pool is just partially covered, direct sunshine will still aid in heating the water.

However, pool-wide covers are far more efficient because they have more than one purpose.

Solar pool covers have two main functions: to protect the pool and to help the water naturally warm up.

Pool covers have long been regarded as vital for pool owners because they keep dirt out of the water, reduce evaporation, and can improve security while no one is using the pool.

For all these reasons, it’s best if your pool cover indeed covers the whole pool.

This way, you can be sure that the water in your pool will remain clear and warm, ready for you to enjoy it.

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How to Cut a Solar Pool Cover? 

If you have a solar pool cover, you know how important it is to keep it in good condition.

Solar covers are made of a thin, durable material that helps to trap heat in the pool, making it more comfortable to swim in. They also help to keep the water clean by blocking out dirt and debris.

However, solar covers can become damaged over time, and when this happens, they need to be replaced.

The good news is that you can save money by cutting your solar pool cover. With a few simple tools and a little patience, you can cut a new solar cover that will fit your pool perfectly.

But how do you go about cutting one to size?

To cut a pool cover, it’s best if you have someone else help.

The helper needs to know where you’re cutting and what type of material you’re working with.

First, start by measuring the area of your pool. You will need to add a few inches to account for the J-hooks that attach the cover to the pool deck.

Once you have the measurements, transfer them to a piece of paper and use a pen or pencil to draw out the shape of the cover.

Then, using a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut out the shape of the cover.

Be sure to leave enough material around the edges so that you can securely attach the J-hooks.

Finally, test the fit of the cover by placing it on top of your pool. If everything looks good, you’re ready to enjoy swimming in your newly covered pool!

A Step-by-step Guide

  1. Start by measuring the length and width of your pool. You’ll need to add about two feet to these measurements to account for the overhang of the cover.
  2. Next, lay out the cover on a flat surface and mark off the appropriate dimensions with a pen or marker.
  3. Use a straight edge to cut along the lines you’ve drawn, being careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the material.
  4. Once you’ve cut the cover to size, it’s time to attach it to your pool. Most solar covers come with grommets around the edge, which can be used to secure the cover to the deck or top rail of the pool. Simply thread some rope or bungee cord through the grommets and tie it off.
  5. And that’s it! With a little effort, you can easily cut a solar pool cover to size and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Final Words

The solar cover is an essential part of any pool. If you own a solar pool cover, you are aware of how crucial it is to maintain it.

Solar covers are constructed from a light although strong material that helps retain heat in the pool, improving swimming comfort.

By preventing dirt and debris from entering the water, they also help to keep it clean.

It also protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays, holds in water during the hot summer months (when most pools are closed), and protects the equipment from water damage.

It’s important that you choose the right cover for your pool, and that you follow instructions carefully when cutting it.


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