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How To Hide Solar Panels? [And Make Them Invisible]

Tim Carter
Written by Tim Carter Last Updated: October 3, 2022

Solar panels are the future of our energy-depleted planet, as well as an effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. Homeowners install solar panels to reduce their monthly electricity bills and give them some independence from the grid. As impressive as most technical innovations nowadays, solar systems can be visually unappealing on a roof and interfere with the aesthetics of both modern and traditional homes. Is there any way to hide solar panels without sacrificing their efficiency?

There are plenty of ways to hide solar panels so that they blend in with your home. In this article, we will present only viable options to keep the aesthetics of a traditional roof.

So, are you curious about how to hide solar panels?

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Can You Hide Solar Panels?

When most people think of solar panels, they envision large, blue rectangles mounted on rooftops.

However, it is possible to hide solar panels so that they are less visible.

One way to do this is to use building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPV.

With BIPV, solar panels are integrated into the structure of the building, such as being used as shingles or built into the façade.

This can be an attractive option for people who want to generate their own energy but don’t want the visual impact of traditional solar panels.

Another way to hide solar panels is to use ground-mounted systems. With this type of system, the solar panels are mounted on racks close to the ground, making them less visible from a distance.

Ground-mounted systems can be a good option for people with large properties who want to generate a lot of energy but don’t want the panels to take up too much space.

Whatever option you choose, there are ways to hide solar panels so that they are less noticeable.

Here are other ideas as well.

How To Hide Solar Panels?

There are a lot of ways to hide solar panels, but some are more obvious than others.

You can disguise them by painting them the same color as your roof, planting trees or shrubs around them, or building them into a roof.

No matter what you do, though, there’s always going to be someone who knows how to spot a solar panel.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to go through the hassle of hiding them or not.

Why Hiding Solar Panels Might be a Good Idea?

Why would anyone want to hide solar panels?

There are many reasons for it, and here we present some.


One of the most common reasons people hide solar panels is for aesthetic reasons.

Solar panels can be an eyesore. If you have a beautiful home with a well-manicured lawn, the last thing you want is a bunch of solar panels ruining the look of your property.

Fortunately, there are ways to hide solar panels so that they blend in with their surroundings. You can purchase solar panels that look like shingles or tiles, for example.

Or you can install them underneath eaves or in other inconspicuous places.


Another reason why hiding solar panels might be a good idea is for security.

If your home is in a high crime area, solar panels can make it a target for thieves looking to make a quick buck.

By hiding your solar panels, you can make it more difficult for would-be criminals to spot them and less likely that your home will be broken into.

Protection from the Elements

Harsh weather can take its toll on solar panels, causing them to degrade.

If you live in an area with severe weather such as high winds, heavy rains, etc., protect your investment.

One way to do this is by hiding your solar panels so that they’re not exposed to the elements.

There are several reasons hiding solar panels might be a good idea. Aesthetics, security, and protection from the elements are all valid reasons for wanting to keep your solar panels out of sight.

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your property, be sure to talk to a qualified installer about the best way to hide them.

Why You Shouldn’t Hide Solar Panels?

Solar panels are typically around 20% efficient, meaning they transform about one-fifth of the energy in the light, hitting them into usable electricity.

To be as cost-effective as possible, we must place solar panels where they will receive the strongest possible light.

This usually means making them south-facing and making sure there is nothing blocking the light from hitting the panels.

Unfortunately, this makes it very hard to hide traditional solar panels, as you will have to put them where they will be most efficient, rather than where they will be least visible.

Anything you do to conceal the panels is likely to block at least part of the light hitting them, making them less efficient.

Are There Any Alternatives to Traditional Visible (Blue and Black) Solar Panels?

Photovoltaic roof tiles are a discreet option compared to traditional solar panels because they don’t alter the appearance of your home significantly.

Unlike normal solar panels, photovoltaic roof tiles sit level with your roof, allowing them to blend in.

They produce just as much electricity as standard solar panels, so you won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of efficiency, making them an ideal solution.

The improved aesthetics solar roof tiles offer also means that they can add more value to your home than traditional solar panels.

If you want to hide your residential solar panels, consider all installation options from the very beginning.

You can install different solar systems and panels that don’t have a lot of visibility.

Some types of solar panels can act as real concealers.

For example, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) look like roofs and windows in your home.

Some solar panels will look exactly like shingles and will be hard for anyone passing by to notice.

Be sure that you talk to a solar installer and find out what the different installation options are.

How To Hide Solar Panels?

1. Change the Landscape

By making some changes such as placing some bushes, trees, and plants around your solar panels will make it possible to hide your solar panels.

While you can make solar panels less visible to people looking at your home, you still have to make sure to leave your panels exposed to direct sunlight.

Covering up the wires that lead to your home is much easier and more doable.

2. Solar Panel Paint

You can reduce solar panel visibility by painting the frames of solar panels and hardware.

Or, you can wait for technology to advance further and choose the best solar power paint.

If you want to hide solar panels, there are more options.

3. Tesla Solar Tiles

Tesla has developed BIPV-based roof tiles that are three times stronger than standard roof tiles and are coated with tempered glass (25 years).

Not only are the solar tiles more durable, but they also have patterns and colors embedded in the protective glass that mimic traditional tiles.

Homeowners can save money by replacing the cost of the roofing materials beneath traditional panels because the Tesla roof replaces all of the functions of a conventional roof with an impressive warranty.

In addition, the Tesla roofs have an impressive fire rating, are hail resistant, and can withstand winds of up to 166 miles per hour.

They can use Tesla tiles with the Tesla Powerwall to create an effective backup solar power storage system in the event of a blackout.

The Powerwalls integrate seamlessly with your Tesla roof and feature a wireless design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can integrate Tesla solar tiles and the Tesla app for weather alerts and remote access for greater control.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular, but if you’re not comfortable with the look of traditional solar panels, you may wonder how to conceal them.

To conceal solar panels on your roof, you could use all-black solar panels or aluminum coverings that match the color of your roof. In addition, you can install in-roof solar panels, building-integrated solar panels, or solar roof tiles.

These systems are typically more expensive to install, but they eliminate the visual disadvantages of traditional panels.


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